TOEIC Part5 練習問題

ネイティブの翻訳家チームが丹精込めて執筆した「TOEIC Part5 練習問題」を毎週お届けいたします。実際のTOEIC Part5のクオリティに近づけるため、試行錯誤を重ねております。

問題の解き方や英文法について詳しく解説していますので、じっくり読んで理解することで応用力が身につき、Part5の点数アップにつなげることができます。「TOEIC Part5 模擬テスト」のオンラインアプリも公開していますので是非ご利用ください。

TOEIC Part5 練習問題


TOEIC Part5 模擬テスト

上記の「Part5 練習問題と解説」の学習が終了したら、「TOEIC Part5 模擬テスト」を実施してください。テストを行うことで自分の実力を知ることができます。


TOEIC Part5 模擬テスト No.1

TOEIC Part5 模擬テスト No.2

TOEIC Part5 模擬テスト No.3

TOEIC Part5 模擬テスト No.4



TOEIC Part3 練習問題

えいごLOVEの翻訳家チームで作成した「TOEIC Part3 練習問題」は、以下のリンクからご利用いただけます。

TOEIC Part3 練習問題

TOEICによく出る 英単語一覧



TOEICによく出る 単語一覧

TOEIC Part5 の点数を上げる方法








以下のリンクのまとめ記事では、無料で活用できるTOEICの学習サイトが紹介してあります。実はEigo LoveのTOEICブログもフィーチャーされています。無料でTOEICの学習を行いたい皆様は是非ご覧ください。


How to Improve Your Score on Part 5 of the TOEIC Test


Part 5 of the TOEIC Test involves filling in the blanks in incomplete sentences. This may seem easy at first glance, but during my 15 years as an English teacher, I’ve noticed that many students lose marks on Part 5. So what should you do to improve your score on this part of the test?

They key is to find out exactly what is causing you to lose marks. Part 5 tests two sets of knowledge in particular. Extensive grammatical knowledge is required because a wide range of grammar points appear in the questions, from verb forms and tenses to relative pronouns and the subjunctive. Knowledge of vocabulary is also needed because many of the questions require you to select the word with the most appropriate meaning. One effective way to find out which specific parts of these two broad topics you need to improve is to do practice questions that include explanations of the answers. Reading the explanations when you make a mistake will allow you to find out why you were wrong and how you could have approached the question differently to reach the correct answer. By completing a number of such practice questions, you can build up a picture of what mistakes you tend to make and hence what you need to study more in order to improve your score.

One more thing that is highly important for Part 5 is the ability to choose the correct answer quickly. To allow yourself enough time for the reading comprehension questions in Part 7, you should aim to complete Part 5 within at most 15 minutes, or within 10 minutes if possible. Since there are 30 questions, this means you have only 20 seconds to answer each one. Such a strict time limit can affect the types of mistake that you make, so I recommend answering each practice question within 20 seconds as well.

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