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Eigo Loveとは、2015年10月に立ち上げた英語学習サイトです。主に、英単語のニュアンス使い分け、TOEIC練習問題、英単語アプリの開発を行っております。筆者の本業はシステム開発とスマホアプリ制作です。何故システム屋が英語サイトを立ち上げたのか。



英語学習者のお役にたてるアプリを開発することがEigo Loveの使命です。英単語アプリが完成したら、次はTOEIC関連の学習アプリをリリース予定です。これからも英語ラブの英単語及び英語学習アプリのご利用、よろしくお願いいたします。

Janine (Writer & Narrator)

Janine is the narrator of our Eigo Love team of. She is responsible for voice recordings of teaching materials.

Janine majored in Japanese and studied Chinese and Persian at university in California. She is currently continuing her Japanese studies as well as studying Spanish. Janine has always been fascinated with learning new languages and cultures.

Janine is currently an English teacher. She enjoys speaking with her students and talking to people from around the world.

Chris (Translator & Writer)

Chris Norman is the member of our Eigo Love team of teachers. He is responsible for creating teaching materials, running online lessons and training teachers. He also performs quality control checks to ensure a consistently high level of quality across our application and website.

An avid language learner himself, Chris studied Japanese at university. He became fascinated with the language learning process and ways of learning more effectively, and has since applied such methods to become fluent enough that he has worked as a translator and interpreter.

Chris has also taught English for more than 10 years. This has given him first-hand experience helping English learners to overcome the particular struggles and challenges that they encounter on the road to fluency. He brings this insight to his work at Eigo Love.

Lilly (Writer & Narrator)

Lilly is the American voice of Eigo Love. Her background in radio, film, and presenting to non-native audiences is put to good use in providing listeners with clear and natural examples of English speech.

Lilly spent three years as an assistant language teacher at a high school in the northern part of Japan. She currently provides editing and writing support to Japanese authors and researchers who want to present their findings in their second language. Her goal is to help English learners gain confidence in their communication abilities through practice that is both enjoyable and motivating.

Nichole (Writer & Narrator)

Nichole is originally from Florida, USA, but now resides in a small hamlet in Kyushu with her family. With a Bachelor’s in Japanese Language and Microbiology and a Master’s in Microbiology, Nichole works in the editing, narrating and presenting in English of scientific and medical-based research and publications in collaboration with numerous Japanese universities.

With an additional three years of experience as an assistant English language teacher at elementary and junior high schools, she also has worked with a variety of Japanese educators and students who seek to build and improve upon their English skills. Nichole hopes everyone who uses the resources available at Eigo Love will grow in their English ability as well as their overall confidence in using the English language.

Mina (Writer)

I’m in charge of editing content for Eigo Love. I’ve been fascinated with learning English since I was in junior high school. I majored in English at university in Tokyo, with a focus on American literature, and later also completed a master’s degree in the same field. Researching and writing in English throughout my time at undergraduate and graduate school inspired me to look for and develop better ways to learn English for myself.

Since finishing my master’s degree, I have worked in several multicultural workplaces where English is the main way of communicating with my colleagues. Throughout my career, I have worked on projects to develop content and tools both for foreigners living in Japan and for Japanese people needing help in learning and using English. Most recently, I’ve been working as a proofreader of texts about English written for a Japanese audience, a test-user of tools to help non-English native speaking users write in English, and a project manager for the development of such tools. I occasionally do English to Japanese and Japanese to English translation as well. As an active learner and user of English myself, I’m excited to join this project.

Akiko (Writer)

Upon graduating from university, where I studied medieval philosophy and Latin, I started to learn English casually. It was not long before I found that English was not only incredibly handy but also very deep and layered. This inspired me to study the language more seriously and ever since then not a day has passed without my studying it. English still never ceases to amaze me.
Currently, I am working as an English teacher at several schools, with a particular focus on helping students to prepare for the TOEIC and other English proficiency tests. I myself have EIKEN Grade 1 and a TOEIC score of 960. I am also a member of the Fukuoka Interpreters’ Association. It seems my love for English has led me to be what I am today and I continue to find it as unique and challenging as it is enjoyable and rewarding.

Takashi (Site Administrator)

Takashi is the administrator of Eigo Love, a community of English learners, teachers and writers. He is responsible for the community’s overall vision and strategy as well as planning of the English teaching materials, marketing operations and software development.

He started his career as a software engineer after graduating from a college of economics in Fukuoka. He has developed a number of pieces of computer software over the last 15 years. At the same time, he has studied various skills such as marketing, management, strategic thinking and business economics. Moreover, through his experience of business writing in English, he has been researching effective ways to write good English texts.

Since the beginning of 2015, He has focused on the difficulties that many Japanese people have with learning English and the large amount of time that it takes them to become fluent. To help solve these problems, he has developed an English-learning software and started up Eigo Love website.

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