About Christopher Norman Fukuoka

Christopher Norman (Chris Norman)


Christopher Norman (Chris Norman)クリストファー・ノーマン(クリス・ノーマン)は福岡市の翻訳家・英語講師

Chris Norman is the member of our Eigo Love team of teachers. He is responsible for creating teaching materials, running online lessons and training teachers. He also performs quality control checks to ensure a consistently high level of quality across our application and website.
An avid language learner himself, Chris studied Japanese at university. He became fascinated with the language learning process and ways of learning more effectively, and has since applied such methods to become fluent enough that he has worked as a translator and interpreter.
Chris has also taught English for more than 10 years. This has given him first-hand experience helping English learners to overcome the particular struggles and challenges that they encounter on the road to fluency. He brings this insight to his work at Eigo Love.

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