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Hello! My name is Lacey and I am your English Teacher for today. Welcome to the Eigo Love Youtube Channel.
こんにちは。私は本日担当する英語教師のレイシーです。Eigo Love YouTubeチャンネルへようこそ。

We are going to learn 7 phrases to talk about diet and exercise.

We will go through each phrase, one-by-one. First, we will practice the pronunciation, then I will explain a bit.

Are you ready?

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Number one.

I hit the gym twice a week.

To hit the gym means to go to the gym.
To Hit the gymはto go to the gym(ジムに行く)と同じ意味です。

It’s a slang expression that is commonly used.

Also, for frequency, we always say the number of times before the interval. For example, once a week, twice a month.
そして、回数を表す時に、interval(間隔)の前に回数を言います。例えば、once a week(週に1回), twice a month(月に2回).

Did you get it?

Let’s try one more time.

I hit the gym twice a week.


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Number two.

Today is ab day.

We commonly pick a muscle group to exercise or work on and use that to name the day.

Ab means abdominal muscles, but that is really long, so we often shortened it to ab or abs.
Abはabdominal muscles(腹筋)という意味ですが、単語がとても長いので、abまたはabsのようにしばしば短くして使います。

AKA your stomach muscles.
それはstomach muscles(腹筋)の別名としても知られています。

[補足説明]AKAはalso known asの略語です。意味は「~の別名でも知られる」。

We also commonly say arm day, leg day, back day and rest day. Rest day is the day when you take a break.

Let’s try one more time.

Today is ab day.


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Number three.

I do a lot of cardio.

Cardio refers to anything that gets your heart rate up, for example running, cycling, dancing.

This sentence means that you often run or dance, or do some kind of activity to get your heart rate up and to burn calories.

Let’s try one more time.

I do a lot of cardio.

Good job!

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Number four.

I prefer weights, or lifting.

So you can say I prefer weights. I prefer lifting.
あなたは、I prefer weights(私はウェイトトレーニングの方が好き)、I prefer lifting(私はリフティングの方が好き)の両方を使うことができます。(※liftingはウェイトリフティングのこと)

[補足説明]weightsとlifting は、両方ともWeight training(ウェイトトレーニング)の意味で使われています。

On the other hand, at the gym we call exercise that use weights lifting, or just weights.

You could also say strength training, but that could include body weight activities as well. For example, yoga or pilates.
strength training(筋力トレーニング)とも呼べますが、これには(自分の体重を使った)自重トレーニングも含まれます。例えばヨガやピラティスです。

But weights or lifting specifically means lifting weights.
ですが、weightsまたはliftingは、特に、lifting weights(ウェイトリフティング)を意味します。

I prefer weights.
I prefer lifting.

Good job!

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Number five.

I need to meal prep for this week.

People who exercise a lot in America, and in other countries too, often prepare their meals ahead of time so that they can stay on a diet.

[補足説明]meal prep(ミールプレップ)とは、カロリー計算した一定期間の食事をまとめて作り置きすること。また例文のmeal prepは動詞として使われています。

We shorten the word preparation down to prep and call it meal prep.
私たち(アメリカ人)は、preparation(準備)の単語を短縮し、meal prep(ミールプレップ)と呼んでいます。

I need to meal prep for this week.

Good job!

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Number six.

I like to count my macros.

To count macros means to calculate and keep track of the amount of fat, carbs, or carbohydrates, and protein you are eating.

I like to count my macros.


And last, but certainly not least.

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Number seven.

Today is my cheat day, so I am going to eat some pizza.

Today is my cheat day, so I am gonna eat some pizza.

This phrase includes one of my favorite words, cheat day.
このフレーズには私のお気に入りの言葉cheat day(チートデー:ダイエットを休む日)が含まれています。

People who are on a diet often have a cheat day, or cheat meal.
ダイエットをしている人たちは、たびたびcheat day(チートデイ)を過ごしたり、cheat meal(チート飯)を食べます。

This allows them to take a short break from their diet and eat what they want.

Also in this sentence, I use the words going to, but when we talk we don’t always necessarily pronounce “going to”. It often becomes gonna.
この例文では、going toを使っています。でも私たち(アメリカ人)は、必ずしも”going to”と発音するわけではありません。“going to”はたびたび“gonna”に変化します。

So let’s practice gonna. I am gonna eat some pizza.

Good job!

Today is my cheat day, so I am gonna eat some pizza.

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That’s it! How did you do?

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