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Title: English Vocabulary Words for Dance

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Hello everyone! My name is Lacey and I am your English teacher for today. Welcome to the Eigo Love YouTube Channel! Today’s video is about dance vocabulary. Dancing is a huge hobby of mine so I wanted to share it with you. Hopefully, after today’s video, you can take a dance class in English!

Let’s get started!

Dance vocabulary list

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Here are the words we are going to learn today:

[Dance vocabulary]

• Choreography
• Routine
• Audience
• Upper Body
• Lower Body
• Isolation
• Weight
• Improvise
• Beat
• Genre

Choreography, Routine

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First off, we have “choreography”. A choreography is a set dance routine.
Teachers often teach you to choreography so you can perform.
Some people also use the word routine. Both are okay and have the same meaning.

Here is an example sentence that some teachers might say:

Example #1

Please practice today’s choreography at home.

Example #2

Please practice today’s routine at home.

Great job.


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Next, we have the word “audience”.
This refers to the people at a show that are watching the dance.
This word is used for other types of shows as well.
In dance class, we often talk about where we should face and what the dance should look like to the audience.

Example #3

Make eye-contact with the audience.

Good job.

Upper / Lower Body

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“Lower body” and “upper body” are also important words for dance.
When the teacher is giving instructions, he or she will likely use these words.
Just like it sounds, upper body refers to your shoulders, arms, head, and chest.
Lower body refers to the bottom part of your body, so your hips and your legs.

Here’s an example:

Example #4

Keep your upper body still.

Example #5

Keep your lower body still.

Great job.


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Another important word is “isolation”.
Some dance types use a lot of isolations, including belly dance and hip-hop.
Isolation means moving only one part of your body and keeping the rest of it still.

Here is an example:

Example #6

Next, we will do a hip isolation.

So in this example sentence, it means you are only moving the hips and the rest of your body is still.

Good job.


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Next, we have “weight”.
Weight is a word that you might know, but it is important to know that it can be used for dancing too.
Weight, or body weight refers to how heavy your body is.
For dance, it is important to know where your weight is.
Where you’re placing it.
Is it on the left foot? Is it on the right foot? In between?

Here’s our examples:

Example #7

Make sure you place your body weight on your left foot.

Example #8

Keep your weight in the middle of your foot.

Great job.


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Let’s move on to “improvise”.
To improvise, means to make up your own dance.
It’s not a set routine.

Example #9

For the next section, please improvise.

Some dances have more improvisation, some have little to none.


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Next we have “beat”.
Beat is the pulse, or rhythm in music.
This is very important for dance.
Many dances follow the beat.

Here’s our example:

Example #10

Make sure you follow the beat.

Great job.


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And lastly, we have the word “genre”.
Genre refers to type.
In this case, it would be the genre of dance, or the type of dance.
There are many different genres, for example, ballet, salsa, belly dance, hip hop, etc.

Here’s our example:

Example #11

What genre of dance do you like?

Example #12

What genres do you have experience in?

Good job.

Let’s do a quick review

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Let’s do a quick review, one more time!

• Choreography
• Routine
• Audience
• Upper Body
• Lower Body
• Isolation
• Weight
• Improvise
• Beat
• Genre

I hope that this video was helpful!
If you have a chance, try to take a dance class in English!!
If not, you can always talk to your friends or just practice on your own.

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