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  • TOEIC英熟語一覧の合計熟語数は、2018年10月14日時点で222熟語

TOEICスコア 800~899点

スコア800 英熟語 No.1

answer to, at one’s disposal, back to the drawing board, blaze a trail, corner the market, first come, first served, hustle and bustle, in a nutshell, in arrears, in full swing, in lieu of, insofar as

スコア800 英熟語 No.2

jump to conclusions, level playing field, null and void, on the brink of, on the verge of, outdo oneself, pave the way for, pay heed to, rest assured, take the helm, touch base, wine and dine

TOEICスコア 700~799点

スコア700 英熟語 No.1

across-the-board, all along, around the clock, as a matter of fact, as is, as things stand, at the end of the day, back on track, be tied up, cut corners, done deal, fine print

スコア700 英熟語 No.2

from scratch, get the hang of, give way to, go the extra mile, green light, in due course, in light of, in the market for, just around the corner, keep abreast of, last resort, let alone

スコア700 英熟語 No.3

look the other way, lose sight of, make ends meet, meet ~ halfway, on the same page, set forth, set the pace, stay on top of, take for granted, think outside the box, up in the air, up to speed, wear and tear, word of mouth

TOEICスコア 600~699点

スコア600 英熟語 No.1

a host of, anything but, at a moment’s notice, at length, at the cost of, at the last minute, at your convenience, by and large, by way of, call it a day, cut one’s losses, do not hesitate to

スコア600 英熟語 No.2

either way, first thing, for the time being, get down to business, go into effect, happen to, in an attempt to, in line for, in line with, in question, in the event of, in the meantime

スコア600 英熟語 No.3

keep ~ posted, keep track of, make one’s way, make up one’s mind, no doubt, no later than, not to mention, now and then, on account of, on the contrary, on the line, on the right track

スコア600 英熟語 No.4

one after another, pros and cons, prove to be, put ~ to good use, regardless of, slip one’s mind, sooner or later, take a rain check, take into account, take into consideration, to date, to some extent, turn out to be, with respect to

TOEICスコア 500~599点

スコア500 英熟語 No.1

a number of, above all, as follows, as of, at a later date, at random, at short notice, at this point, at times, be supposed to, bear in mind, before long

スコア500 英熟語 No.2

by accident, by means of, by no means, for one thing, generally speaking, go broke, in a row, in brief, in bulk, in favor of, in general, in person

スコア500 英熟語 No.3

in season, in spite of, in stock, in terms of, in the black, in the first place, in the long run, in the red, in time for, just in case, keep in mind, little by little

スコア500 英熟語 No.4

make sense, nothing but, on the other hand, once in a while, one another, out of order, out of stock, over time, owing to, roughly speaking, strictly speaking, take advantage of, take effect, with regard to

TOEICスコア 400~499点

スコア400 英熟語 No.1

according to, after all, ahead of schedule, all year round, as soon as possible, as usual, as well as, at last, at least, at once, at the moment, at the same time

スコア400 英熟語 No.2

be about to, behind schedule, by chance, by oneself, by the way, each other, even if, even though, every other, far from, feel free to, for a while

スコア400 英熟語 No.3

for instance, for some time, get rid of, have yet to, in addition, in advance, in case, in charge of, in fact, in order to, in short, in the end

スコア400 英熟語 No.4

in the long term, in the short term, in touch, make sure, make use of, more or less, no less than, no longer, on hand, on one’s own, on purpose, on sale

スコア400 英熟語 No.5

on the table, on time, out of business, right away, so far, such as, take care of, take part, take place, take the place of, thanks to, these days

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