TOEIC Part5 問題集 Vol.1 | ネイティブ先生作成

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TOEIC Part5 短文穴埋め問題 Vol.1


Question #1

Sara from Human Resources was recently fired for misconduct and will not qualify for unemployment benefits due to her __________.

(A) negligence
(B) negligent
(C) negligible
(D) neglecting

Question #2

In spite of short of funds, __________ of the employees were able to stay employed thanks to a promising new account.

(A) few
(B) almost
(C) many
(D) none

Question #3

__________ the young employee’s age, he did a great job on the report.

(A) Concerning
(B) Considering
(C) According
(D) Excluding

Question #4

If Texas Enterprise unsuccessfully invests in growth stocks, its profit margin will __________ by five percent.

(A) rise
(B) increase
(C) diminish
(D) decline

Question #5

According to the third-party organization, __________ information from data will help with layoff decisions.

(A) extracting
(B) extract
(C) being extracted
(D) extracted

Question #6

Social Media advertising has gained __________ in marketing to young adults on networking sites.

(A) current
(B) currency
(C) currently
(D) currencies

Question #7

Spending money on the campaign last month created substantial profits, which __________ the initial projected budget for the quarter.

(A) boost
(B) boosts
(C) was boosting
(D) has boosted

Question #8

The semiconductor company __________ with soaring electricity bills caused by power plant accident overcame the financial crisis.

(A) resolved
(B) undergone
(C) confronted
(D) encounters

Question #9

After a few days, the underlying __________ of her dissertation was discredited so she revised her idea.

(A) assumption
(B) declaration
(C) observation
(D) determination

Question #10

The Vice President of the company is a role model for the employees, many __________ idolize him for his success.
(A) who
(B) which
(C) employees
(D) of whom


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