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Welcome to Eigo Love English. Our channel offers English lesson videos for non-native English speakers. Our English teachers from the United States of America and the United Kingdom are creating English learning videos. The videos cover English grammar, English phrases, English words and vocabulary.

ESL Teacher Lacey:
Lacey has been teaching ESL for several years. She is originally from Kentucky in the United States, so she has a standard American accent. She currently teaches children and adults in Japan. She specializes in teaching ESL to Japanese speakers. In her free time, she enjoys dancing, studying languages, and baking.

ESL Teacher Ariana:
Ariana is a certified teacher. She has taught many subject areas for 10 years, some of her favorite students are foreign language speakers. She enjoys helping people improve their English speaking skills while boosting their confidence! She has a bachelor’s degree in Education and graduated from The University of South Florida.

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