Self introduction by English teacher Sunny

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Title: Self introduction by English teacher Sunny

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Hey guys. Welcome to Eigo Love English. I’m today’s teacher. My name is Sunny. A little bit about me. I live in Japan. I’ve lived here for about 8 years. Near Tokyo. I like cats. I like foxes. What other animals do I like? Dogs are cute. Any kind of dog. Small dog, big dog. I have been here for about 8 years, like I said. Japan is awesome.

I love Japanese food. My favorite food… I can’t choose. My favorite Japanese food… I really like okonomiyaki. Then I like katsudon. Not so healthy. Gyoza is not really Japanese, it’s Chinese so I don’t really know. I just really love food.

And my favorite place in Japan would be Miyazaki. I love Kyushu and I like the countryside in Miyazaki. That’s a fun place. And my favorite color is purple. I’m not really sure why, but I like it. It’s a magical color.

And then, why did I come to Japan. I wanted to learn Japanese so when I teach English I can really understand my students feeling, frustration and desire, you know, to learn. Some people have more desire than others, but it’s okay. And everyone has different pace to learn. And good points, bad points. You know, reasons why they want to learn. I really like to know why people want to learn. Everyone’s reason is different usually.

But, I love teaching English. I love watching people learn and that aha moment. I like it, I like it when they understand. I like when they’re confused. Like what? what? How? And Then aha I get it. It makes me really happy because I know that feeling. The feeling is awesome. It’s like I’m so smart, smart, smart.

What else do I like? I like teaching. I like the beach. The beach is dope. Beach. I like to just look at the water, think about all the fish in the ocean. Sharks? I don’t like sharks. Things I don’t like. How about mushrooms? I really don’t like mushrooms. What other food do I not like? I hate mushrooms. But I like everything else. I’m really like chahan. That’s another one that I like. I like to think about things that I like more than things that I don’t like.

It’s about January now, so I’m wondering about the snow. I hope it snows. I really like the snow. I like to look at snow. I don’t like to be in the snow.