English Phrases – Elementary | Talking About Your Weekend

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Title: English Phrases – Elementary | Talking About Your Weekend

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Hello. My name is Lacey and I am your English Teacher for today! Welcome to the Eigo Love Youtube Channel. Today we are going to learn about small talk in English. More specifically, we will learn some useful phrases for talking about your weekend in English.

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First, I will talk about why it is important and then, we will move on to practice. First, small talk is very important in American culture. Asking questions about other people’s life shows that you are interested, and care about them. It is considered polite. In my experience, this is different from other cultures, but it is important to ask the person you are talking to, if they ask you. Now, let’s move on to practice!

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There are a few common ways to ask about the weekend. Here are a few:

What will you do this weekend ?

Will is grammar that is used to talk about the future in English. A good way to respond is something that starts with “I will…”. For example, I will bake cookies.

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What are you gonna do this weekend ?

Gonna is the shortened form of “going to”. We often use it when speaking. A good response is something that uses “I’m gonna…”. For example, I’m gonna bake cookies.

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Do you have anything going on this weekend ?

For this response, it is important to first say yes or no. Then you can continue with your answer. For example, Yes I do. I’m gonna bake cookies.

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Anything going on this weekend ?

This is the same as the previous question. You can actually drop the first part, and it still means the same. People use both. Your response should start with yes or no. Yes, I’m gonna bake cookies.

One more time.

Do you have anything going on this weekend ?


Anything going on this weekend ?

Great Job, and last.

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What are you up to this weekend ?

To answer this question, you can use, “I will” or “I’m gonna”, either are appropriate. For example, I will gonna bake cookies. I’m gonna bake cookies. These all have the same meaning, so you can choose your preference. However, it is important to understand all of them, just in case someone asks you!

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